The Value of an MLS


Your MLS is a community of real estate professionals that work together to make real estate transactions happen, using shared information and rules to which everyone agrees to abide by.

Working in real estate is rewarding, but also demanding. You will worry about deals, clients, deadlines and abundance of details. The MLS exists so you don’t have to worry about a few really important things.

-Is the property really available for sale?

-Is that the accurate asking price?

-Does the listing agent have the correct documents on hand and a signed commitment for shared commission?

Within the MLS you as members assure to each other the property offerings you submit are ready to be shown and sold, MLS members working together make the market work more efficiently.


It is no longer necessary as real estate professionals to deal with uncertainty, incomplete information and little to no enforcement of cooperative agreements and rules. Your MLS is a precious resource that should be utilized in order to sell/rent properties more efficiently in order to satisfy consumers’ needs, while saving you valuable time and resources.

An MLS delivers three important things:


We safeguard market information so you can do your job confidently. You can count on the data within the MLS being reliable and timely; you can count on the rules guiding participation, cooperation, and compensation being enforced.


We provide the system in order for you to create connections between other professionals with properties to sell and those with clients who may buy them.


The MLS is a dynamic community of professionals who work together on agreed upon terms. The magic of the MLS lies in competitors working together to create an efficient marketplace.

For Buyers and Sellers

Consumers benefit from the MLS. When you explain this to them, it enhances your value.

Sellers who list with you, an MLS member, know their property will be placed in front of nearly every real estate professional currently working with active buyers. This is more powerful than any marketing or advertising.

Buyers working with you, an MLS member, know they will always have access to the most current and reliable picture of available properties and have assurances that agents representing sellers will work with you.

With Terminus MLS it is possible! 

Contact us if you want to know more about this and other great innovative tools that Terminus Global System has for you!

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